27 Jul 2019

Telephony integration for Matrix/Element Messenger

Our team messenger vio.chat is based on the excellent open source project Matrix. As a client for all operating systems, we use a customized version of Element, which is developed and maintained by the creators behind Matrix. Matrix itself already supports VoIP calls between users in the Matrix network. With our extension of the Element […]

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28 Jun 2016

vio: networks convinces in the test with stable and high performance

In its 06/2016 publication, the magazine connect tested providers of virtual telephone systems as two years ago. The test covers speech quality and various aspects of service stability.

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24 Apr 2015

Curious female detectives and resourceful hobbyists wanted!

Under this motto, vio: networks, in cooperation with office 2.0, invited to this year’s Girls’ Day, the girls’ future day, to the Berlin office. In addition to gummy bears, student food and relaxation on the sun terrace, the eight participants were given an extensive tour of the office with a brief introduction to the other […]

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