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Basic Functionality

Hold, Toggle, Transfer, etc.

Feature Overview

The basic functions of the cloud telephone system

If you are familiar with telephone systems from the ISDN age, you have already come to know and appreciate some convenience functions from the telephony environment. During this time, telephone system functions such as hold, toggle and transfer including music on hold were established for the caller. The functionality of our modern cloud telephone system goes far beyond that. But you don’t have to do without the much-loved basic functions of your old ISDN telephone system.

Selected PBX functions


You can put the currently active call on hold by pressing a key on the telephone. The caller hears a music on hold defined by you in the telephone system and you have time to complete a short task or to start or answer another call. Press the Hold key again to return to the caller.


If a caller is on hold, you can start one or more additional calls and switch between callers by pressing a key.


You can, of course, forward your call partner to a colleague. A distinction must be made between warm and cold transfer. During a warm transfer, you put your call partner on hold, so that he or she hears the music on hold. Then dial the number of the colleague to whom you want to forward the call. You announce the call partner to your colleague and then carry out the transfer.
In contrast, with a cold transfer you forward your call partner directly and without prior notice to your colleague.

Telephone conferences

If you have two or more callers on the line, press the Conference key to start a telephone conference with up to 5 participants (the maximum number of participants depends on the terminal used). All call partners are connected by your telephone and hear each other. In addition to the spontaneous conference by pressing a key on the telephone, you can use the virtual conference rooms of the telephone system for conferences with up to 50 participants.


If a call is received by an employee who is currently unavailable, you can pick up the call by pressing a button on the phone. You can define groups of colleagues who can pick up calls from each other via pickup.

Call forwarding

You have the option of forwarding incoming calls in different ways. On the one hand, it is possible to define fixed forwarding rules within the telephone system. This ensures that an incoming call to an employee who is currently unavailable is answered by another employee.
On the other hand, an employee can also activate or deactivate dynamic call forwarding on the telephone if required. Any call forwarding can take place either within the telephone system to a colleague or externally to any number in the landline or mobile network.

5 telephones per user

The modern working world is flexible and increasingly takes place independently of the desk in the office. Instead, tasks are increasingly carried out on the move or in the home office. The cloud telephone system is a perfect fit for this development. All employees worldwide can be reached on up to 5 end devices, regardless of location. For example, at the classic desk telephone in the office, with a cordless DECT telephone at home in the home office, as well as on laptops and smartphones on the move.

An overview of more basic functions of the telephone system

  • speed dial
  • redialing
  • Parallel Ringing
  • number transmission
  • Suppress phone number
  • Silence in front of the telephone (DND)
  • Reject Unwanted Callers (Black List)
  • Receive answering machine messages by e-mail

What are the costs for the basic functions?

There are no costs for the basic functions. The basic functions are available free of charge in our Starter, Professional and Premium packages without limitation.


  • When you switch to the cloud telephone system, you don’t have to do without any of the familiar functions.
  • The functionality of the vio:networks cloud telephone system goes far beyond the basic functions.
  • All basic functions are included free of charge in the Starter, Profi and Premium packages.
Dominik Mauritz

Dominik Mauritz

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