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Demanding call management

Feature Overview

Maintenance loop function

The call centre function in our telephone systems is called the waiting loop function. It is not only a great advantage for call centers, but for all companies that want to handle their incoming calls professionally.
Especially when subdividing your company into several departments, for example with a (technical) support department, the waiting loop function makes sense and is an enrichment for many companies in their daily work.

How to use the queuing function

The queue function offers you various options for handling incoming calls. You can, of course, customize these to suit your company’s requirements.
First, you define a pool of employees – called “agents” at this point – who are responsible for accepting the calls on a specific queue. All employees can also be members of several queues. The agents can take on two different roles:

Static agents

Static agents form the basic core of the queue and are therefore permanently available for answering calls.

Dynamic agents

Dynamic agents can join a queue with a control code or a function key, depending on the need for operators. After logging in, they receive calls directly that are routed to the queue. Dynamic agents can also unsubscribe at any time and, if available, leave the reception of calls to the static agents.


You can use the intuitive configuration interface to customize the settings to your individual needs.
In addition to the basic functions, such as the definition of an entry announcement or the selection of a music on hold, there are further possibilities for a professional handling of the calls.

Call strategies

There are many different call strategies that you can use to determine how the agents in a queue are to be called.

  • You have the option of calling all available agents simultaneously or one after the other until the call is answered by an agent.
  • You can set to call the agent who has not made a call for the longest time or has the least completed calls.
  • There is also the option to randomly select a free agent to answer the call.

Skill Based Routing

With Skill Based Routing, you can distribute calls based on the qualifications and skills of your employees. Calls are prioritized to the agents whose skills are highest in the waiting loop. This ensures that calls are routed to the best possible employee. In the event that this is prevented, it is connected to another employee.

Skipping the queue

You can have incoming calls skip the queue if, for example, all logged in agents are currently in conversation, no agent is logged in, or the maximum number of callers you have specified has been reached.

Other functions at a glance:

  • Determine the maximum wait time
  • Setting the maximum number of callers
  • Setting the pause time an agent has between calls
  • Recording calls – ringing instead of music on hold
  • Periodic language menu (Breakout)
  • Announcement of caller position
  • connection to the language menu
  • connection to the API
  • What are the advantages of the waiting loop function?

    This function benefits both your company and your callers. The waiting loop allows all incoming calls to be accepted, even if no agent is available at the moment – you will never lose a call again. The various options that can be set allow you to tailor the way you handle your incoming calls to suit your company.

    What are the costs for the waiting loop function?

    The call center function is available to you in the professional package as well as in the premium package unlimited, with any number of agents and waiting loops.


    • Static and Dynamic Agents.
    • Individual adaptation of all functions.
    • Different call strategies.
    • Skill Based Routing.
    • Free use of the call center function in the professional and premium package.
    • In contrast to the group function, the call center function is the more sophisticated variant for dealing with your callers. This gives you many additional options and strategies that benefit you and your customers.
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