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The Cloud-PBX explained in simple words


Advantages of the cloud phone system

Easy configuration
  • You need nothing more than your browser to configure your cloud phone system using our intuitive web interface
Use your current phone number
  • No need to give up your current number and lose business in the process
No installation necessary
  • We take care of running your phone system in our datacenter, no need for on-site installation.
  • Your new phone system is ready in a matter of hours.
All features, wherever you need them
  • Use whatever devices you like, your desk phone, computer, mobile phone—they are all integrated. Respond to calls from anywhere like you’re at your desk
  • We take care of maintenance, updates and implementing new features with no additional cost
Designed with security in mind
  • We are passionate about information security, and ensuring your privacy is essential to us. That’s why all vio:networks calls are encrypted to a high level by default, unike many similar products.
Full features of large professional phone systems
  • Interactive Voice Response menus for callers
  • Conference calls with up to 50 participants
  • Hotdesking
  • Digital fax software with hardware fax options
  • Call forwarding, transfer and pickup
  • Presence: see whether colleagues are on the phone before calling them.
  • more

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  • “We manage all our locations in Berlin and Hamburg online in a central telephone system from vio:networks. This saves us installation effort on site.”

    Andreas Grunszky, CEO,

  • “As a dynamically growing company, we benefit from a telephone system that scales with us. We were able to start with low costs and are future-proof at the same time.”

    Gregor Bierhals, Head of Product Management, machtfit GmbH

  • “Safety and reliability are our top priority. That’s why we rely on encrypted telephony via vio:networks’ German data centers.”

    Stephan Brügger,
    Authorised Officer, Plato AG

  • “Not only the switch to vio:networks, but also the setup of the telephone system with the intuitive web interface was surprisingly simple.”

    Andreas Wölfer, CEO,
    D.I.E. Cad und Statik Software GmbH

Sjoerd Girkes

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The Cloud-PBX from vio:networks

With our Cloud-PBX, also called IP-Centrex or Hosted PBX, you are opting for the PBX of the future and benefit from many advantages at the same time. We operate the virtual telephone system for you in our professional data centers. You obtain the software-based VoIP telephone system (VoIP stands for "Voice-over-IP") as a service from the Internet.

To use the Cloud-PBX you do not need an analogue or ISDN telephone connection, but only a DSL Internet connection. This saves costs because there is no need to invest in expensive hardware. In addition, the IP PBX grows with the number of your employees, so you only pay for as much PBX as you currently use.

The Cloud-PBX also gives you maximum flexibility. You can use the telephone system to make calls from anywhere in the world with various devices such as VoIP telephones, the computer or with smartphones and tablets. With modern features from the area of unified communications, such as video conferences, team chat, presence display, etc., our solution offers you completely new possibilities for communication in your company.

The telephone system from the cloud is equally suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with 3 or more employees as well as for large companies with up to 5000 employees.

Would you like to see our solution for yourself? Then test the Cloud-PBX for 14 days free of charge and without obligation.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Which phones can I use?

For desk and wireless DECT phones we recommend phones from Yealink and Snom. You can also use our desktop and smartphone apps for making calls. Please see our phones page for more information.

What kind of telephone and internet connection do I need?

As calls via our service are made using your internet connection, a telephone connection is not needed. Your required internet speed is based on the number of parallel calls you want to make. One phone call needs a minimum of 100 Kbps up and download speed. For example, on an internet connection with a 50Mbps download speed and 10Mbps upload speed, you should be able to make 100 calls at the same time (the 10Mbps upload speed being the limiting factor in this example).

Do you provide an internet connection?

No, we don’t provide internet connections. A dedicated internet connection just for calling is not necessary, you can use the internet connection you already use for mails, browsing and other internet services.

How long is my contract duration?

We aim to keep our customers with good performance rather than long contract duration. You just need to give us thirty days’ notice to terminate your contract, so cancel before the beginning of the month and your contract will finish at the end of that month.

Is it possible to make calls with my iPhone/Android?

Yes. All you need to do is install our free app and connect to our phone system when logged into WIFI or LTE.

I have several company locations and home office workers. What do I do?

Easy! You can just plug in your phones at every location to connect to our phone system. Your employees around the world can use the phone system as if they were all in the same office.

How does number porting work?

If you want to use your existing numbers with us, we provide you with a simple form to fill out and return to us. We then deal with your current provider and let you know when yours numbers will be ported over to our service.

Important: When porting your numbers your existing telephone connections will be terminated. If your internet connection is combined with your telephone connection it might be terminated as well. Please contact your existing provider to make sure your internet connection will stay available. If your internet connection will be terminated we suggest setting up another internet connection prior to porting your numbers.