Aktuell kommt es zu Einschränkungen unseres Services, Mehr Infos.

Curious female detectives and resourceful hobbyists wanted!

Under this motto, vio: networks, in cooperation with office 2.0, invited to this year’s Girls‘ Day, the girls‘ future day, to the Berlin office.

In addition to gummy bears, student food and relaxation on the sun terrace, the eight participants were given an extensive tour of the office with a brief introduction to the other companies in the office community. In addition, there was a compact introduction to the world of open source software and an insight into the possibilities offered by dual vocational training in IT.

Naturally, vio: networks also presented itself extensively and was able to arouse the participants‘ interest and enthusiasm for the advantages of modern Voice over IP telephony with an exciting and interactive presentation of our cloud telephone system.

The visit of so many charming and inquisitive young ladies to the otherwise mens‘ dominated premises was a refreshing change for the whole team. Based on this positive experience, we would be very pleased to receive one or two (training) applications from female candidates in the future.

We wish all young hackers, nerdettes and hobbyists a lot of fun and success in the world of IT and look forward to hearing from you soon.

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