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Telephony integration for Matrix/Element Messenger

Our team messenger vio.chat is based on the excellent open source project Matrix. As a client for all operating systems, we use a customized version of Element, which is developed and maintained by the creators behind Matrix. Matrix itself already supports VoIP calls between users in the Matrix network. With our extension of the Element client, it is possible to call phone numbers in international fixed and mobile networks (PSTN).

For this purpose, we have added a softphone to the Element client, which connects to our telephone system in the cloud and can make and receive calls through it. We are thus bridging the gap between the matrix network and the telephone network. Users have chat, video conferencing and telephony bundled in one application.

The built-in softphone automatically connects to our PBX in the cloud, but is also compatible with other SIP servers such as Asterisk, Kamailio, 3cx and various VoIP providers.

Do you use Element or the Matrix network for communication and want to extend the application with real VoIP telephony? Contact us!

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