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vio: networks convinces in the test with stable and high performance

In its 06/2016 publication, the magazine connect tested providers of virtual telephone systems as two years ago. The test covers speech quality and various aspects of service stability.

With a good overall result, our Cloud telephone system is well ahead of other market players such as Sipgate, NFON, Teamfon, Vodafone and QSC and on a par with Deutsche Telekom. Especially in the area of voice quality and fax transmission (lowest error rate in the test) we convince with top results.
Technically, our high-quality infrastructure was praised – which once again shows that our principle of operating our own hardware in the high-security data center in Germany is a key factor for quality and stability.
If you want to convince yourself of our telephone system from the cloud, don’t hesitate to order a demo account today. Call 030/20847010 or send an e-mail to [email protected].

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